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    Principals Center Welcome

    Thank you for visiting the virtual home of The Principals Center at Georgia State University.  The Principals Center is a collaborative effort between the University and local school districts and

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    Seminar for Assistant Principals

    PRINCIPALS CENTER SEMINAR FOR ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS, Atlanta and Valdosta Cohorts 2014 – 2015 PROGRAM OVERVIEW The role of the K-12 assistant principal today requires an educational leader who is both

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  • Instructional

    Instructional Coaches Collaborative

    PRINCIPALS CENTER INSTRUCTIONAL COACHES COLLABORATIVE, Atlanta Cohort 2014 – 2015 PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Instructional Coaches Collaborative is a learning forum to strengthen their work while learning with peers from other

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    Expert Leader Series

    Expert Leaders Series: A collection of learning opportunities, that builds awareness of innovative thinking on education issues.   Led by visionary thinkers through presentations and group discussions, the series is designed to inspire

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    Beginning Principals Academy

    PRINCIPALS CENTER BEGINNING PRINCIPALS ACADEMY, Atlanta Cohort 2014 – 2015 PROGRAM OVERVIEW The role of school principals today requires leaders who are instructional and curricular leaders as well as leaders

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    Tool Box Series

    The Tool Box is a series of professional development sessions, led by local school or community experts, that helps practitioners reach a level of understanding of a particular skill or

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